Application Checklist


 Do signatures and names agree?


 If there are two or more owners,

are all signatures on the application?


 If the applicant is a Jr. or Sr. El. or Bey, is it indicated at the top of the application AND in the signature area of the application?


 Is the application for a company or a corpo­ration, is the name listed correctly and does it include Inc." if it is part of the name?


 For a leased vehicle (one-year or longer con­tract), does the application clearly state the names of the lessor (leasing agency) and the lessee? The lessor must be listed first and then the individual leasing the vehicle.


 For a rental vehicle (less than one-year con­tract), a separate Certificate of Insurance must be included with the application. A signa­ture verifying that the vehicle is covered by insurance must appear on the application.


 Is the owner(s) name, address and driver's license/FEIN typed or printed legibly on the application?


 Is the vehicle information (year, make, vehi­cle identification number) typed or printed leg­ibly on the application?


 If transferring plates, are both the new and old vehicle information on the application?


 Is the most recent vehicle registration card enclosed?


 For a truck or trailer, has the correct fee been included for the vehicle's weight?


 For a tractor-trailer combination, is the body type labeled "Tractor?" This identification is necessary for truck or tractor plates.


 Has the current odometer reading been entered in the appropriate box?

Registration Renewal

 To renew your vehicle registration in your Province State once you receive your renewal notice:



2. Enter the following data:

a.  Registration PIN,

b.  Insurance information


Use PayPal for $35.00 Fee.


  1. Call the U.S.A.R. BMV, provide your PIN, and pay the fee.

  2. Mail in your completed registration renewal notice with full payment.

  3. Visit a U.S.A.R. BMV office.

Include your driver license number and vehicle's license plate number. Pay the appropriate vehicle registration renewal fee.  Submit your registration forms and payment to the BMV.