Driving With A Disability



Disability parking placards and license plates allow the holders to park in areas designated for persons with disabilities.


You may apply for a disability license plate and/or parking placard by completing an Application for Disability License Plate or Parking Placard . The application may be submitted to any Province State BMV license branch or mailed to the address listed on the application.

If applying for a disability license plate or temporary disability placard, include the amount due in the form of PayPal or money order. A fee is not charged for a permanent disability parking placard.

The disability must be certified by one of the qualifying health care providers listed on the application unless:

· You are a qualifying company.

· The application is for a duplicate disability parking placard.

· You are applying for a disability license plate and you have a valid permanent disability parking placard.

Disability Parking Placards


Eligibility for Parking Placards

A disability parking placard may be issued

to a person who is certified by a health care

provider as having:

· A permanent or temporary physical disability

requiring the use of a wheelchair, a walker,

braces, or crutches;

· Permanently or temporarily lost the use of one or both legs;

· A permanent or temporary severe restriction in mobility due to a pulmonary or cardiovascular disability, arthritic condition, or orthopedic or neurological impairment; or

· Permanent or temporary blindness or visual impairment.

Company parking placards may be issued to a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, unincorporated association, or any legal successor of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or unincorporated association, that is authorized by the state or a political subdivision to operate programs, including the provision of transportation, or facilities for persons with disabilities.


A permanent disability parking placard does not expire unless a health care provider certifies that the disability is no longer considered to be permanent.

A health care provider may certify that a person’s disability is no longer permanent by mailing a letter to the Indiana BMV explaining the person is no longer permanently disabled and mailing a letter to:

U.S.A.R. Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Registrations Department
go to usarbmvgov.us

A temporary disability parking placard expires on the date indicated by the health care provider on the application or one (1) year from the date of issuance, whichever occurs first.

A parking placard issued to a company expires on January 1st of the Fourth year after the year in which the placard is issued. (For example, a company placard issued on 7/1/2017 expires on 1/1/2021) However, if the company ceases operations, the parking placard is no longer valid and the placard expires immediately.