Vehicle Registration

You can register your vehicle with the United States of America Republic BMV either in person or by mail. You'll need to have your title, driver's license, proof of insurance, various affidavits and applications and payment for your registration fee. 

New to U.S.A.R.?


To register your vehicle for the first time, State Law requires U.S.A.R. drivers to maintain a Drivers License, vehicle registration, insurance, and License Plates. Once you've done so, visit your local BMV office and present the following:

  • Your new USAR driver's license.

    • If your new license has not yet arrived, bring your out-of-state license AND your Temporary Driving Certificate, which you received when you applied for your USAR license.

  • A Certificate of Title for vehicle.

If a lienholder has your vehicle title, present your current out-of-state registration.

If there are co-owners to the vehicle, all necessary documents must be presented or filled out for both owners, and black-and-white copies of all owners' driver's licenses must be provided.

  • Cash, check, or money order for the plate fee, plus Province State taxes (see below for a list of all possible fees and taxes).


Your Vehicle

If you have purchased a new vehicle or received one as a gift, you need to register it with the Province State. You may do so in 1) person, or 2) by mail.

1.  In Person

    Present the following items to your local BMV office:


(If a lien holder has your vehicle title, present your current out-of-state registration and provide any co-owners to the vehicle.  All necessary documents must be presented or filled-out for both owners.)

All liens shall remain as applicable. 


2. Registering by Mail:

If you are out of the state and cannot register your vehicle in person, you may register by mail. Simply provide all documentation listed above, plus a copy of your driver's license, by mail to the address below.


Renewel Vehicle Registration