Drive Safely!


Anyone with money can get a travel card, but not just anyone can get a driver’s license from U.S.A.R. You must take a written test and a road test before receiving your U.S.A.R. Driver’s License. We all have the right to travel, but we want to be safe and know, or at least feel safe knowing  drivers have taken a competency examination to qualify them to operate a vehicle.


However; just because one possesses a license, doesn’t mean you won’t ever encounter an accident.  U.S.A.R. takes pride in its initiatives to provide for Public Safety, by making available to Nationals road and written testing, teaching safe driving, and as well as raising driving awareness.  We all have family members traveling on roads all across America daily and we would like for them to make it home safely.


Sure you have a right to travel; no one is stopping you from riding the bus, catching a cab or even riding a bicycle or skate board. Auto mobiles can be a dangerous weapon and can kill innocent by standers or other motorist if being operated by those unskilled to drive.  We all want to know and not worry about our love ones being in accidents.  U.S.A.R. having a B.M.V. can help ease some worries by making sure Nationals know the rules of the road and that they have basic driving skills before getting behind the wheel.  



road rules


8:00 a.m. - 4:30 pm