Inside The Bureau...

The U.S.A.R. Bureau of Transportation's 

mission is to ensure its' Nationals and citizens safe, efficient travel nationwide, enhancing the quality of life for Moorish Americans, today and into the distant future. The U.S.A.R. "Bureau" was established by the  Continental Congress under

Public Law 111-09.

Freedom of the Right To Travel

The "Right To Travel" laws throughout the World protect freedom of movement.  The "Bureau" was established to issue uniform and credible criteria for every Motorist to travel freely.  

Being unskilled and uninsured as a Motorist causes public "risk".  Therefore, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles provides Drivers Licenses, Registration of Vehicle, Title and Insurance for U.S.A.R. Nationals and citizens in this hemisphere.



United States America Republic Constitution and Laws, delegates authority to the 

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

to issue credentials to meet your needs.   

Driver’s License

PREREQUISITES: Driving Test – Pass



     18 YEARS of age or older

        Currently possesses license (valid or expired)






              TITLE & REGISTRATION